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We started in 1997 at our home, but in a few weeks, we were getting larger jobs and had to rent our first Shop off Breckenridge st. across from the health department.
When we started I went to some business and ask if they had one thing they would improve if they could, from there current vendor? I did not guide them but most of them said they would like to get their jobs done faster. With this bit of information, I went to work and told my wife and the one person helping us at that time. We need to get jobs done as fast as possible and never promise a time, but surprise the customer by calling them with good news – your job is ready before they expected it.
That one simple thing got us going and it seemed like everyone was sending us
more business. We have been through so much change over the years. We started out as Taylor Motor sports Graphics. I was into racing, I raced Motocross, and some stock cars later. But I was reading an article about the woman in business and how many of the contacts in companies were women and they like doing business with other women. So ask Gina if she would mind if we Named the business Signs by Gina. She likes it, I think? So it was born. For 20 plus years we have been Signs by Gina.
Well, time fly and we had a couple of kids and Larry always likes going to the shop and making things. So he decided to work at the family business and not go to college. after working there for years and he was often wondering if this is what he wanted to do? So at that time, I wanted to reward him for his hard work so I offered him part ownership in the company if he planned on sticking with the business. Its been some time now and some other changes were going on so Larry wanted his own branding and a new name. Its been about a year now using both Signs by Gina and Laser Beam Studio. Now we are making it official, we are now Laser Beam Studio and Larry Taylor is the Owner / Manager.
We do wraps, signs, banners, digital printing, posters, 3D CNC signs, steel plasma signs, and of course laser cut lettering and logos. Our Acrylic work is really Great With the largest 6ft x 10ft flatbed UV printer in our area, we can do custom printing on a lot of different media. Buy adding a lot of equipment over the years we stay on the cutting edge with our production,
Now we are adding Chanel letters to our business. We had the CNC router and the laser so it was the next step to bend the letters and build them. We pick up a bucket truck and now its paid for so its time to go all in. Service work on lighted signs and Chanel lettering is our next step.
Yes, we still do the vinyl lettering and indoor and outdoor vinyl.
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Larry Taylor